Water resistance & Protection

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In the courtyard of our workshop... Our educational programs By hand of Michalis Houlakis The ceramics are fired in traditional kilns at temperatures over 1000 degrees Celsius...

Water resistance & Protection

Making pots water and frost-proof requires a special technique, based on chemical nanotechnology. It protects them for a long time from erosion and turning green due to moisture while it prevents moss, lichens and salts. It is applied on the surface, allowing air to penetrate without changing the natural colour and texture of the ceramics.

In Pottery Art all our pots are water and frost resistant so that they can cope with weather conditions different to those of Greece. So, pots will not crack, chip or discolour due to mould or seasonal temperature variations.

In case you intend to use the pot to store edibles the application of the water proof material is not recommended. So, when giving your order, kindly clarify what the product will be used for.

To improve plant health and pot longevity an optional drainage hole is available on request.